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Marciana Marina

This ancient fishing village is the smallest commune in Tuscany and became independent from Marciana Alta in 1884.

It is arranged in a semicircle around an inlet on the northwest coast and its territory is limited to the coastal strip.

The harbour is dominated by beautiful fortified pisan tower (XII century), that became, since then, the defense and the emblem of the town.

On the opposite side of the gulf lies 'Il Cotone' the oldest part of Marciana Marina which hosted at its origins only some houses of Ligurian and Napolitan fishermen and sailors.

The link with the past, when centuries of history and popular culture have interlaced a strong social and urban web, is easy to feel walking along the seafront with its tamarins, or through the inner lanes, along the precious and small pieces of land, jeallously surrounded by strong walls and carefully cultivated.

The sea influenced marciana marina as well as the old farming traditions. The large amount of fish and the protected harbour always helped the fishing activities and the people from Marciana Marina were always good navigators and mariners and distinguished themselves as famous captains and admirals.